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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Chemical Treatment Plant

Environmental Pollution control is one of the requirement for Industry player to protect our environment and our health. Switch flow provides consultation, design and build Industry waste water treatment system that comply local authority.

Types of Waste Water Treatment System (Industrial)

  1. Neutralization
  2. Inclined and Turbular Plate Clarifiers
  3. Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)
  4. Precipitation of Heavy Metals
  5. Sludge Dewatering Systems
  6. Cyanide Destruction Systems

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Biological Treatment Plant

Switch Flow offer varies types of Biological treatment system.

  1. Extended Aeration Process
  2. Activated Sludge Process
  3. Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)
  4. Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)

Ultra Pure Water, Demineralized Water and Potable Water Treatment System

Switch flow specialize in Ultra pure Water, Demineralized Water and Potable Water treatment system. Switch flow offering different types of system including:

  1. Filters – Multimedia Filters, Self Cleaning Filter, Iron Removal Filters, Cartridge Filter
  2. Membrane Filtration – Modular Ultra Filters, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Desalination
  3. Ion Exchange – Softeners, Mixed Bed Exchangers, Electrodeionization System  (EDI)
  4. Others – UV Disinfections, TOC Reducers, Ozonat Degasifiers.


Water Recycle Treatment Plant

Water is an increasingly scarce and expensive commodity nowadays. Many industries are faced with restrictions on their water usage quantity, escalation of water unit cost and stringent regulations on quality of water. This is particularly true in country where water is scarce and the environment is very sensitive to industrial discharges. These industrial customers are forced to look for alternative resources or solution to minimize their wastewater discharge to the environment in order to expand the operation of their facilities.

Switch flow offer recycle water treatment plant that suit client needs. Recycled water can be used as:

  1. Process Water
  2. Make up water for :
    a. Cooling towers
    b. Boilers
    c. Fire fighting
    d. Washing/ rinsing/ wash down
  3. Non-potable water for:
    a. Restrooms
    b. Landscape irrigation

Chemical Fume Scrubber

Chemical fume scrubber is one of the air polution control system in varies industry such as chemical, metal plating, semiconductor, automotive and etc.

Chemical fume scrubber use to remove or neutralize the polutant gas emitted from industrial exhaust gases before release into the environment.

Metal Surface Treatment Line

Switch flow offer custom build metal surface treatment system Such as Electro plating, anodising, nickel plating, electrode deposition process, EN plating and etc.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) And Others Environmental Consultancy

Environmental impact assessment is a study to evaluate and communicate information about the environmental impacts of a proposed project or development.

Switch flow provide EIA study on varies criteria including water pollution, air pollution, buffer zone, geology, hydrology, ecology, social/cultural, noise, land value and etc.

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