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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

Biological Treatment Plant

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Outsource Operation

Outsource Operation

Outsource Operation

Outsource Operation

Waste Water Treatment Plant/ Industrial Effluent treatment system

Chemical Treatment Plant

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Demineralization Water Treatment System / Demin system

Demineralization Water Treatment System / Demin system


Chemical Scrubber

Chemical Scrubber


ION Exchange System For Electronic Plant


Metal Plating line


Reverse Osmosis Single Pass 2 Array Systems


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Electrode Deposition Process Line


Industrial Air and Chemicals Process Piping

Water is an increasingly scarce and expensive commodity nowadays. Many industries are faced with restrictions on their water usage quantity, escalation of water unit cost and stringent regulations on quality of water. This is particularly true in country where water is scarce and the environment is very sensitive to industrial discharges. These industrial customers are forced to look for alternative resources or solution to minimize their wastewater discharge to the environment in order to expand the operation of their facilities.

Switch Flow Resources has been helping industries meet water and wastewater treatment challenges for years. Since water is an essential production material for most industries, we provide TOTAL solutions allow industries to treat wastewater, reclaim and reuse wastewater, reducing the amount of fresh water used, enable a facility to expand if fresh water usage is limited.

When considering water recycling, there are many advantages for industries to consider:
  • Ensure an uninterrupted and constant quality water supply, and avoid risks of plant shutdown due to water shortage.
  • Reduce your cost of water consumption and wastewater discharged from a facility.
  • Reduce chemical consumption in the CT, boiler, or process if wastewater is recycled to higher quality.
  • Integrate into future changes in local regulation and national policy
  • Improve your Corporate Responsibility report through the reduction of environmental impacts 

Portable water recovery pilot system.

Treasure Water - Recycle Water


Ultra Filtration


Chemical Storage Tank


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